Computer and Internet Use Policy

This policy is intended to encourage responsible and acceptable use of the Library’s computers and internet service. In fulfillment of its mission to provide resources, services and programs to meet the informational, educational, and recreational needs and interests of the people of the community, the Library offers public access to our computers and the internet.

Those who use the computers and the internet service in the Library are expected to:

  1. Respect the privacy of others. Please use the Library’s reading areas to wait for your turn on the computer unless the librarian has granted permission for one or more patrons to work together. Users shall not intentionally seek information on, obtain copies, modify files, other data, or passwords belonging to other users, or represent themselves as another.
  2. Use only software and programs provided and installed by the Library staff. Users should contact the Librarian immediately if problems arise using the equipment or software. Users should not attempt to fix the problem.
  3. Respect the legal protection provided by copyrights and licenses to programs and data.
  4. Use the computers and internet for lawful purposes. Minors shall not be allowed to use chat rooms or news groups nor be allowed to order products through any online services.
  5. Comply with accepted internet protocols, practices, and etiquette.
  6. Not transmit or access threatening, obscene (as defined by U.S. and local laws) or harassing materials. To assist with this regulation, the Library has installed an internet-filtering program. The Library administration may institute reasonable procedures to protect the integrity and security of the system and to regulate access to computers/internet services for the benefit of all patrons.
  7. Pay for printing of materials at the rate of twenty-five cents (25¢) per black and white page and one dollar ($1.00) per color page.
  8. Directly supervise the internet use of preschool through grade 4 children. This supervision will be provided by the children’s parents or another designated (in writing) adult.
  9. Have a Library card and sign an agreement with the Library that stipulates the above policies. Parents will sign to accept responsibility for the actions of their minor children.

Research, school projects, etc. will take precedence over “surfing” or games. Each user will be limited to thirty (30) minutes of use each time unless there is no other user waiting. Sign in sheet at desk.

The Library reserves the right to deny or withhold computer privileges for infractions of these policies.